Screenshot TV is an installation that invites visitors to watch a new genre of reality TV. Every few seconds, the TV shows another online screenshot, uploaded to a special website by anonymous users using a screenshot tool, giving them the possibility to share their screenshots by sharing a unique URL.

The URLs are usually sent privately, but are in fact public and accessible to everyone. By going through the combinations of URLS, one can access all the screenshots uploaded in the platform.

The project, appropriating the content of the platform, aims to open a dialogue about our daily work and life on the screen. A screenshot is a selection of information that represents us, what we focus on, what is important to us. With screenshots as a new format for live entertainment, the installation is an interpretation of the television genre. If the screen is our new reality, will screenshots become a new genre within reality TV?

Presented at
ARS ELECTRONICA festival 2019 - Out of the box
Interface Culture - "Transcode" Exhibition


All photos & video by Antonio Zingaro